Below are some comparions between MLM and CDM. I think you will find the CDM Business Model just makes sense. Let me show you how to starting Earning vs. Grueling !!!


  • You order from your upline

  • You pay your upline for products

  • You take orders from you downline

  • You deliver the product order

  • Your downline pays you for products

  • You get your commission check from your upline

  • You pay commission checks to your downline

  • Your upline sends you your products

  • You send products to your downline


  • You eventually get to buy from the company

  • You “work your way up” to the best pricing

  • Low customer reorder rates

  • Your downline can breakaway


  • You order Direct from the company

  • You pay the company for products

  • Your Preferred Members orders from the company

  • The company ships products (You Don’t Stock or Deliver!!)

  • The Company collects the Money

  • You get your commissions from the company. MAILBOX INCOME !! Cha Ching.

  • You keep your commission check

  • The company does the paperwork

  • You buy from the company from Day One

  • You get the best price from Day One

We don’t have Uplines, Downlines or Sidelines. We are all just Happy Customers who recommend and promote Memberships to others !! No Selling…just Telling. NO RISK.