Small Business deals and coupons sent to Mobile Phones!

With new affordable technology Small Business Owners (SBO’s) now have a much more effective and faster way to get their message out to more Potential Customers. SBO’s are loving how they can get their deals and coupons straight to People’s mobile phones. This is a New Way of advertising that many businesses do not even know they have access to.

Imagine having a sign outside a Restaurant door that says, ” Our Lunch deal was just sent to your Mobile Phone.” This could allow faster ordering time simply because your Guest has seen your lunch deal or dinner deal.

Another example is Delivery Drivers are on the go. Now as your Drivers are out on a delivery they can be spreading your website and coupons out to people they pass by.

Being able to Send out your Offers to your Next potential customer is going to cut back on them possibly going to your Competitors who have not yet heard of this Service.

What is this service called?

This service is called Asirvia. We have a bluetooth beacon that broadcasts to android phones that have their bluetooth on. The Device has a on and off switch that allow you to Broadcast when ever you would like to. Asirvia allows you program a 40 character or longer message, website link and image to the beacon. Anyone with an android phone that comes with in 100 yard of the beacon will get your message!

Who is Asirvia for ?

Asirivia Beacons are for all business Owner’s who are looking for an affordable solution to their Advertising needs.





Real Estate

Store Front businesses

All SBO’s need to have these beacons to reach more people to with their offers.

Where can I Order My Beacon at?

You can Order Your beacons only on the Internet. You can Order at:

Get yours Today!!!
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