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Small Business deals and coupons sent to Mobile Phones!

With new affordable technology Small Business Owners (SBO’s) now have a much more effective and faster way to get their message out to more Potential Customers. SBO’s are loving how they can get their deals and coupons straight to People’s mobile phones. This is a New Way of advertising that many businesses do not even know they have access to.

Imagine having a sign outside a Restaurant door that says, ” Our Lunch deal was just sent to your Mobile Phone.” This could allow faster ordering time simply because your Guest has seen your lunch deal or dinner deal.

Another example is Delivery Drivers are on the go. Now as your Drivers are out on a delivery they can be spreading your website and coupons out to people they pass by.

Being able to Send out your Offers to your Next potential customer is going to cut back on them possibly going to your Competitors who have not yet heard of this Service.

What is this service called?

This service is called Asirvia. We have a bluetooth beacon that broadcasts to android phones that have their bluetooth on. The Device has a on and off switch that allow you to Broadcast when ever you would like to. Asirvia allows you program a 40 character or longer message, website link and image to the beacon. Anyone with an android phone that comes with in 100 yard of the beacon will get your message!

Who is Asirvia for ?

Asirivia Beacons are for all business Owner’s who are looking for an affordable solution to their Advertising needs.





Real Estate

Store Front businesses

All SBO’s need to have these beacons to reach more people to with their offers.

Where can I Order My Beacon at?

You can Order Your beacons only on the Internet. You can Order at: http://www.asirvia.com/Push2Droid/join.html

Get yours Today!!!
#Promote2Droid #BurnedbyMLM

Have you considered our plan as an investment opportunity?

All while growing my business, I have NO capital at risk. Day-by-day, I simply share my story and teach others to share their story. The best-case scenario when I meet new people is they join my business. The worst outcome isn’t some huge financial loss…it’s simply somebody  telling me: “No thank you!” – and when you understand that “No” is a just a natural part of the process, and not to be taken personally, if that’s as bad as it gets, there’s really no downside!

When we study successful investors, we find the astute investor looks for:
‘Asymmetrical opportunities’ (low-risk/high-reward) the rewards should vastly outweigh the risks.  Limited downside and huge upside.

The ultimate ‘asymmetric’ would be everything to gain and nothing to lose!  Imagine, having all reward and virtually NO risk, this is a powerful thought!  Think about this…when I started  my ‘investment’ was minimal (less than $100) when compared to starting most business’s; virtually no capital at risk. Combining this with sweat equity, I gained astonishing returns on my small initial investment. Fantastic ROI without any principle!  What a powerful idea, instead of investing capital, just invest in yourself.  ‘Principle-less interest!’  And rather than putting capital and faith in someone else’s business, in which you have no control over the outcome, why not take charge and invest in yourself?

Here is a great thought from Warren Buffett:  “My wealth has come from a combination of living in America, some lucky genes, and compound interest.”

Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world. He who understands it, earns it … he who doesn’t … pays it.” 

Compound interest can be a wealth-creator…or it can keep us indebted.

We give you the ability to Compound (Duplicate) Yourself. I will never forget the BURDEN lifted off my Shoulders when I first duplicated myself. For the first time in my Life my Income was not solely depended upon my Effort (It took me into my 40’s to learn this….).

How will you measure your life?

There are a determined few who never lose sight of aspiring to do something that’s truly meaningful to them. But for many of us, as the years go by, we allow our dreams to be peeled away. We pick our jobs for the wrong reasons and then we settle for them. We begin to accept that it’s not realistic to do something we truly love for a living.

Too many of us who start down the path of compromise will never make it back. Considering the fact that you’ll likely spend more of your waking hours at your job than in any other part of your life, it’s a compromise that will always eat away at you.

But you need not resign yourself to this fate…. I want you to be able to experience the feeling of waking up every morning thinking how lucky you are to be doing what you’re doing…. The feelings of accomplishment and of learning, of being a key player on the team that is achieving something meaningful.

As always no selling, stocking, inventorying anything & No Risk. You can work our Business from your Home, On the Go or Laying on the Beach.  I hope you’ll decide to give us a look.


Keith Corry



#NotMLM #WorkfromHome



If u r in Service and Manufacturing…watch your Back. If you can be replaced with Automation better be looking. Join me this Saturday. http://www.foxbusiness.com/features/2017/03/01/former-mcdonalds-usa-ceo-robots-to-replace-people-in-service-industry-going-forward.html

Shame. Retail going the way of the 8-Track (showing my age). If you want to jump on & profit from the E-Commerce WAVE…join me online this Saturday. https://www.yahoo.com/news/sears-just-quietly-announced-more-180408292.html

Below are some comparions between MLM and CDM. I think you will find the CDM Business Model just makes sense. Let me show you how to starting Earning vs. Grueling !!!


  • You order from your upline

  • You pay your upline for products

  • You take orders from you downline

  • You deliver the product order

  • Your downline pays you for products

  • You get your commission check from your upline

  • You pay commission checks to your downline

  • Your upline sends you your products

  • You send products to your downline


  • You eventually get to buy from the company

  • You “work your way up” to the best pricing

  • Low customer reorder rates

  • Your downline can breakaway


  • You order Direct from the company

  • You pay the company for products

  • Your Preferred Members orders from the company

  • The company ships products (You Don’t Stock or Deliver!!)

  • The Company collects the Money

  • You get your commissions from the company. MAILBOX INCOME !! Cha Ching.

  • You keep your commission check

  • The company does the paperwork

  • You buy from the company from Day One

  • You get the best price from Day One

We don’t have Uplines, Downlines or Sidelines. We are all just Happy Customers who recommend and promote Memberships to others !! No Selling…just Telling. NO RISK.

Most people involved with Home Based Businesses (make up companies, products companies, juice companies, party plans, etc.) are pressured each month to locate new customers. The reason for this is the very low reorder rate month to month from previous customers.

This is especially true of people who are involved with Multi Level Marketing companies, where the monthly reorder rate can run as low as 10%. Imagine the pain when a person you recruit shells out $500 to $1,000 or more to join your business and then, failing to recruit anyone leaves your organization merely weeks or months later. You feel guilty. Your friendship may even be broken. You ask yourself if you can honestly approach and do that to another person.

People get into MLMs usually for the purpose of making money. Unfortunately, most MLMs are not designed to help common people make money. They are designed to make the owners money. If only there were a way that you could approach customers with confidence and six months later, the customer would still be ordering EVERY month, even if they weren’t building a business. What would that do for your residual mailbox income? How can you achieve that?

The answer lies in a different business model. That model is called Consumer Direct Marketing. The differences between CDM and MLM are many. At first glance, there are some similarities. Both use word of mouth marketing. Commissions on both are paid on multiple referral generations. We both do presentations for people, and we are both in the Home Based Business market. But that is where the similarities end.

In MLMs the monthly reorder rates normally achieve 10 – 25%. CDM we can document a 95% reorder rate. In MLMs, 95% of those in are business builders, 5% are customers. In CDM, 88% are customers, and only 12% are actively pursuing business. In MLM, there is usually one or a few products are over hyped and usually could not compete in the market based on performance, price and value.

People therefore are recruited on the money opportunity. People are “in it to win it.” There is generally not enough value to hold a customer long term. With the high cost to “get in” and up front loading of product, this usually amounts to legalized laundering at the cost of the person signing up. In CDM there are MANY products competing directly in the marketplace on price, performance and value.

This results in a customer driven model instead of the recruiting driven model of MLM. What this means is when you are doing business under CDM, everyone truly is your potential customer. You are competing with a company and business model that is product and customer driven. THOUSANDS of former MLMers now build successful businesses with CDM. When you study the differences, you can understand why.

Discover the truth for yourself and learn more. There is only one way to achieve 95% reorder rates in your business. That way is to change the business model you are working with.  If you are sick and tired of the Hype, Hotel Meetings, Books, Tapes, Seminar, etc but are still HUNGRY to Succeed …..Contact me at kcorry@iprofitnow.com. I PROMISE not to waste your Time or Pressure you and you can be the Judge.

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